How Hollywood bowed to Hitler: Film studios showed Nazi Germany in positive light historian claims

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MGM, Paramount and 20th-Century Fox did not leave Germany until mid-1940. But even after Hollywood started making anti-Nazi films, it continued to erase reference to the Jews because studio chiefs, including Jewish refugees, wanted to ‘avoid special pleading on their behalf’. Urwand said studio bosses could not claim ignorance of the atrocities being carried out against the Jews because they had been forced to fire Jewish employees. Bible inscribed by Albert Einstein who once called the holy text ‘pretty childish’ fetches $68,500 in NYC auction ‘Hollywood is collaborating and the Nazis are having the final say on several important movies that would have exposed what was going on in Germany,’ he said. He added: ‘I wouldn’t want what I write to be generalisable about Jews, but specific Jews in the movie business made decisions to work with Nazi leaders.’ Urwand, whose Jewish grandparents went into hiding in the war, added: ‘It was [Jack] Warner who personally ordered that the word Jew be removed from all dialogue in the 1937 film The Life of Emile Zola”.” Censor: Propaganda minister Goebbels talks to the Hitler Youth in Berlin in 1935 He told the New York Times Warner’s studio was the first to invite Nazi officials to Los Angeles to suggest cuts.
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to London, “the more destruction you see, the more hollow it feels.” JAMES GANDOLFINI COVER: 17 TRIBUTES TO THE ICONIC ACTOR In the wake of ‘The Sopranos’ star’s death of a heart attack on June 20, friends and collaborators remember a titan of the craft and a man of complex integrity. EMMYS: ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ YARD SIGNS UP CAMPAIGN ANTE Stump for Netflix, get a Starbucks gift card is the latest trick in an all-gloves-off race for a nomination. THE STRANGE SAGA OF THE SHOWTIME PRODUCER, HIGH-STAKES POKER AND THE RUSSIAN MOB Bryan Zuriff was a rich Hollywood wannabe, Joe Francis’ friend, and on the verge of success with “Ray Donovan.” Then the authorities knocked on his door. CHANNING TATUM, JAMIE FOXX AND ‘WHITE HOUSE DOWN’S SUPERHERO-FREE SUMMER GAMBLE Hollywood’s fastest-rising male star joins forces with the Oscar-winner in the studio’s latest try for a (nonsuperhero) hit: Says Amy Pascal, “Whatever else works, in the end, people want to see movies about people.” CHANNING TATUM ON DIRECTING ‘MAGIC MIKE 2’, STEVEN SODERBERG’S D.P.
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Hollywood considers shrinking parking spaces

• Hollywood commissioners will look at different disposal options for solid waste. Hollywood is now part of the county’s interlocal agreement for solid waster services. The agreement, however, ends July 2. The city will now consider whether to sign another interlocal agreement with Broward County, go with Waste Services of Florida, Inc., or piggyback on Miramar’s contract for waste services from Sun-Bergeron Solid Waste Services JV.
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Need to know which way to the bathroom? Hollywood has ambassadors on hand to point the way

Volunteers Frank De Risi, left, and Marc Jacobs assist Houston native Tami Chastain, right, with directions to the souveneir shops. Hollywood hopes to hire volunteer ambassadors like De Risi and Jacobs to patrol the Broadwalk on the weekends to answer tourists

The are needed on the weekends; shifts are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or noon to 4 p.m. Before volunteers are sent out, they undergo an hour-long training. The next class is 2 p.m. June 20 at Charnow Park Community Center, 300 Connecticut St.
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